Virtuoso jazz guitarist Bill Murphy in the San Francisco Bay Area

Thank you, teachers:
Master guitarists Tuck Andress, Mimi Fox and John Stowell
Art Lande, pianist, drummer, composer, educator and inspirational fountain
JazzCamp West in the redwoods west of Stanford (thank you Madeline and Stacy!)

Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall (yes, they've left the planet but I still study these masters EVERY DAY...)

Thank you, songwriting partner:
J. May Chew

Thank you, photographer:
Teresa Tam Studio

Thank you, venues:

Black Rock City, Gerlach, Nevada (Burning Man Festival)
Cafe Pink House, Saratoga 
Dana Street Roasting Company, Mountain View
Dolce Bella Chocolate Cafe, San Jose
Los Altos Bar and Grill
Red Rock Coffee Company, Mountain View
San Jose Jazz Festival
Stanford University Coffee House
Summer in St. James Park, San Jose
Vino Locale Wine Bar, Palo Alto

Thank you, musical partners... Singers:
Collette and Lizette d'Almeida, singers in our trio:  "Three Twins, No Ice Cream"
Katya Polovina 
Melissa Dinwiddie
Moy Eng
Ren Geisick
Teresa Tam 
Yoshiko Oda
Armelle Delaney

Thank you, musical partners... Instrumentalists:
Antony Bichon, bassist in our trio: "Fifteen Strings, No Waiting"
Brian Brockhouse, bass

Charlie Channel, bass
Chazz Alley, sax
Collette d'Almeida, drums

Ed Williams, guitar
Esther Berndt, sax

Harold Mann, drums
Huy Nguyen, bass
Jaroslav Olejar, sax
Jon Familant, sax

Kirk Abe, drums

Marty Honda, violinist in our trio:  "Fifteen Strings, No Waiting"
Mauro Pannitto, bass
Mike Medwid, drums
Paul Collins, bass
Robert Morrisey, drums
Ron Karr, piano
Spike Connor, bass
Steve Nelson, drums

Don't miss:  Global Warming for Busy People!

Background sound: One of the original Americana tunes on my second album, Art Installation.  The piece is called 2:14, Up Too Late Again
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